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Dunboyne Tennis Club Commercial Project


Commercial & Community Buildings


Shomera have experience in providing quality buildings that meet the demands of commercial clients. We have completed a variety of commercial projects for architectural practices, schools, hospitals, sports clubs, as well as private companies. Using the benefits of off-site construction with traditional methods of finishing we can offer the optimal solution without compromising the aesthetics of the building.

With our system of factory-built architecture, we deliver bespoke solutions according to your design and taste. Our fast-track building system combined with choosing sustainable, renewable materials provide buildings that are environmentally sustainable, within budget and delivered in a shorter timeframe. Project schedules are short, over-runs are eliminated reducing the cost to the client and architect.

When you choose a Shomera solution for your project, you are guaranteed a building with high thermal performance, high levels of air-tightness, an extensive range of external finishes and compliance certification.

As a company we offer a design & build service, full main contractor service, off-site construction, a fast track build system, thorough project management, insurances, bonds, and full Health & Safety compliance.

Project Management

Our professionally qualified and trained staff and in-house trades’ personnel have worked together on hundreds of projects. We produce all our own drawings for off-site manufacture and site work as well as specific drawings for each sub-contracting trade.Shomera consistently seek ways to improve our capability and proficiency by regularly reviewing our materials, processes and methods.

Thorough project management is essential to meet the expectations of clients and other project professionals. Over the past decade Shomera have managed and completed over 1300 individual projects with tight time-frames and within budget. We bring all our expertise to bear on your project to ensure cost effectiveness and quality in a timely fashion.

Regulatory Compliance

All commercial buildings must at a minimum comply with standards outlined in the Building Regulations Act. Shomera’s minimum standard construction detail for such projects is in compliance with Building Regulations. When required, Shomera can up-grade the details in terms of structure, weathering and thermal performance.

In terms of public and employer’s liability, Shomera has full insurance cover to undertake commercial projects. Shomera has an up-to-date Safety Statement for manufacture and site work and will also supply a Safety File. If required, we will also undertake the role of PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage). On appointment to a project, Shomera will supply a copy of its current Tax Clearance Certificate.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification

As the customer you are looking for the confidence that can be provided by a business with an externally validated quality management system. Shomera, with its ISO 9001:2000 certification, provides that reassurance with a quality management system that meets international standards, ensuring an excellent product and service for our customers.

Off-Site Construction

With up to 70% of the work completed off-site, we have a head start on conservative building methods in which most of the construction work is completed on site. Sites are not the most efficient work places because of the lack of services, conditions and weather. This is especially true if you compare a site to a factory floor. Our combination of off-site construction with careful and detailed project management delivers a fast-track building method that saves money for the client, minimises the disruption, and reduces the project timescale.

With our own manufacturing facility and all off-site construction completed in Ireland, we also guarantee a level of control and responsiveness necessary to complete projects on time and to specification. Because Shomera does its own off-site construction (also referred to as Modern Methods of Construction) and operates the site, there is a wide range of construction components available. The fabric of floors, walls and roofs can be chosen to meet the most exacting specifications. Whatever construction details are required, we will ensure that the build-up meets current Building Regulations. Where required, the use of more traditional methods can be incorporated into the project also.


We engaged Shomera to construct 6 timber chalets for use as independent living accommodation for individuals with Autism. The units are completed to a very high standard, fuel efficient and overall very aesthetically pleasing. The whole project was handled very professionally and was delivered within the designated budget and timeframe. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shomera to any prospective client.

Edward Dunne, CEONuaHealthcare

Homeowner Tip

Domestic hot water accounts for a big percentage of your heating bill, so make sure your immersion tank is very well insulated. If in doubt, put more insulation around it. While most new tanks come with insulation already sprayed on, you could lag them even more with quilt (i.e. flexible) insulation coz they’re round.