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House Extension Ideas

5 Steps to your Dream Home

Shomera offer a Design & Build service which means we do both the design and the build.  Having designed and completed over 400 house extension/renovation projects, we believe this is the best way of doing it as it joins the critical two elements to ensure great design and a quality build.  It is common approach in larger projects and was the normal way for centuries.

In a house extension project there are hundreds of decisions, some small & some big.  Decisions like

  • White gloss, cappuccino, shaker or hand painted kitchen doors.
  • Man-made, natural stone, timber or laminate worktops.
  • Ogee, chamfered or plain skirting.
  • Solid, semi-solid, laminate flooring in oak, ash or walnut. Or maybe tiles.
  • , etc.

Even if you get some of these decisions drastically wrong, you can recover, but there are some decisions from which it is impossible to recover.  So here are 5 steps that will help you navigate.

1. Do a brief – Decide what you need in terms of use and space.

Planning and preparation will help you get the most out of any house extension project. Because you don’t get a second bite of the cherry, it is important to be as clear as you can about what you are trying to achieve. Your most vital contribution is deciding what you want from your home. Only you can do this and it is an essential starting and finishing point.

2. Don’t forget the existing living areas

Many people think the additional space gained is restricted to the footprint of the new home extension. However, by careful consideration of how the new living space is incorporated into the existing areas, a house can be transformed and new areas can be created from the existing footprint.

3. Good Design

It is amazing the difference good design will make to your house extension and to your home.  Given the importance of getting it right, you can’t afford not to have design input.  There are a number of big design decisions but the stand-out ones are light and layout.  Get these right and you are on the way to your dream home.

4. Future Proof Your House Extension

The term “Future-Proof” is normally associated with thermal performance & insulation specification but it must also include:

  1. Adding value to your home in the event of a sale. Don’t make the extension so personalised or quirky that it diminishes its attractiveness for future owners.
  2. Ensure the design caters for further development if required later – phased development.
  3. Be able to cater for the changing needs of the family.

5. Budget & Value for Money

Outside of the purchase of your home, for many people this is the biggest spend they will make in their lives.  Budgets vary, but we are all on a budget.  Financial over-runs are the single most common source of stress and conflict on projects.

As a house extension is such a significant investment, value for money is essential. This shouldn’t mean cutting back on important items or using cheap materials.  Value for money involves getting a quality product and service at a competitive price. You really want to avoid the saying, “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.


The majority of homes in Ireland have a very similar style and layout.  We don’t get much say, if any, in the spaces we spend most of our time, where we grow up, rear our families and share our lives.  A house extension/renovation project allows you to have say in how your home will be.  For most people, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You can’t afford to get it wrong.


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