House Extensions In Ireland

Irish House Extensions


House Extensions In Ireland

In this section we highlight some of the questions that are specific to building a house extension in Ireland as well as the perennial questions related to home extensions.

Your home is your most important asset and any extension or building project, as well as being risky, involves a significant investment. Consequently you need to get it right and have full confidence in the company you choose to undertake this project. We give you security of investment through a comprehensive guarantee and full certification. By choosing Shomera, you can be assured that your project will maximise your living space and give you value for money.

We have an excellent reputation in designing and delivering solutions that work. Our proven track record is the hundreds of customers who recommended us to their friends and colleagues.

To meet the varied needs of our clients we have endeavoured to blend aesthetics with functionality. As such, we offer a broad palette of designs and finishes. So, whether you prefer modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, render, stone or timber, Shomera can be part of your solution. It is helpful if you know and have agreed the styles and finishes you prefer. Cut out images from magazines of what you like. Take photographs of houses or house extensions you have admired. A one page written brief will be hugely helpful in determining what kind of space you need, the uses, how it will look and how it will be integrated to the existing house.

It isn’t always true that more space will add value to your home. Badly designed, poor quality extensions may even have the effect of devaluing your property. Whether the extension compliments or contrasts with the existing style of your home, good design, quality materials and professional workmanship are essential to ensure you add worth to your home. Carefully choosing the company to carry out your project can mean the difference between a positive or costly negative experience.


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What to consider?

Choosing to extend your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are numerous issues to be considered.

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • Is there a nationally recognised standard of quality and how can I ensure my extension is built to this standard?
  • Who is responsible for providing the Certificate of Compliance and how do I go about getting this certification?
  • Do I need to employ an architect, surveyor or engineer?
  • How can I achieve more space without impacting negatively on the rest of my house?
  • What will the extension look like when it’s finished?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Will I need to move out of my house?
  • Am I dealing with a qualified, reliable company?
  • What do I need to know about BER and future-proofing my house?

We will help you address each of the items involved so your building project will run as smoothly as possible. Our years of experience mean you’re in safe hands.

Working with homeowners for more than 11 years, Shomera have accumulated a lot of experience in building home extensions for people’s living space needs. Sometimes a project can be transformed by seemingly small changes in the design of the space, and understanding those small changes comes with years of experience. Since you have one chance to get it right with your house extension project, be sure you get it right first time.

Shomera specialise in factory-built architecture. This begins with the creation of a set of drawings for the customer and fabrication drawings for manufacture. Your Shomera is then produced in a controlled environment which provides a higher standard of quality while minimising the impact of work carried out on site. This method of off-site construction ensures that you get a building with tight tolerances, high degrees of air-tightness and improved energy performance.

Every house is different and every home-owner has a unique requirement for their home extension. Whether you need a larger kitchen or dining room, more bedrooms or you want to reconfigure the living area of your home, our Design Service will get you the best possible house extension solution.

The challenge in getting the best out of a home extension and renovation project is the relationship between the design professionals and the construction professionals. We are conscious of the importance of design and technical competence. As such, we work as a team with the design professionals involved. Our aim is to deliver an excellent product and service every time.

If you are considering a larger extension or a domestic renovation and do not already have drawings, our Design Service may be the solution for you (see “What can we do for you”).

If you already have drawings and would like to discuss design possibilities contact us for an initial conversation.


“Shomera allowed us a lot of choice in designing a studio that was exactly what we wanted. They helped us create our own unique room by providing various options on window layouts, flooring, light fittings, heating systems and external finishes.”
Colm & Roisin Dempsey, Co Wicklow


Homeowner Tip

Unlike an awful movie or bad restaurant, you have to live with a badly completed extension/renovation project everyday for years. Investing the time to make the right choices before you begin pays back many times over. Remember, very few people get a chance to do it a second time.