We get asked this question all the time. Whats the best bit of advice you have for Dublin House Extensions. We have pinned down some advice on this but if you woule like to skip ahead and see examples of our Dublin House Extensions just click here. We have loads of examples. If you are still looking for advice, read on below.

Dublin House Extensions

Decide what you need in terms of use and space – Dublin House Extensions

Planning and preparation will help you get the most out of any house extension project. It is important to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve. Your most vital contribution is deciding what you want from your home. Only you can do this and it is an essential starting and finishing point. The professionals involved can help with this and will often take a lead role in other matters like design, layout, finishes, material-types, orientation, budget, etc. Take the time to put down your requirements on paper.

Don’t forget the existing living areas – Dublin House Extensions

Many people think the additional space gained is restricted to the footprint of the new home extension. However, by careful consideration of how the new living space is incorporated into the existing areas, a house can be transformed and new areas can be created from the existing footprint. Even when the dividing wall between two existing rooms is taken down to create one larger space, the effect can be dramatic. Another consideration is how the new house extension will affect the existing rooms of the house, in particular the retention of a sufficient amount of natural light is a recurring issue.

Good Design – Dublin House Extensions

It is amazing the difference good design will make to your house extension and to your home. When you look at a house extension it is easy to tell which extensions have had design input and the ones that have little or none. The reality is that many house extensions are considered too small to warrant or afford the full services of an architect. Given the importance of getting it right, you can’t afford not to have design input. There are a number of big design decisions such as location of the extension, roof styles, external finishes, windows, doors, rooflights, internal finishes, integration with the existing house, relationship between the house and the garden, etc. People have become much more aware of the importance of orientation and light, so it deserves a special mention here. The detailing of the elevations (walls) and the choice and position of the windows, doors and rooflights will determine how successfully you optimise the orientation and natural light. Don’t despair if you are north facing, good design can still ensure plenty of natural light. The advantages of going with a design and build company is that the design is incorporated as part of the overall cost and there are savings to be made going this route

Value for Money – Dublin House Extensions

A house extension is a very significant investment, so value for money is essential. This shouldn’t mean cutting back on important items or using cheap materials. As you will live with your decisions for a long time, it is worth making good ones and cutting back on important items is a false economy. Value for money involves getting a quality product and service at a competitive price. You really want to avoid the saying, ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’, as you don’t really get a second chance on a building project. Bad workmanship, failure to work to specifications, poorly dug foundations, badly insulated walls, cheap, ill fitted windows and bad junction details cost an awful lot more to remedy than to do it right the first time. Make sure that whoever you get to build your house extension that you receive a Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations and a Certificate of Exemption from Planning Permission (where applicable). This must be issued by a separate professional office.

Dublin House Extensions

Dublin House Extensions

Future Proof Your House Extension – Dublin House Extensions

The term ‘Future-Proof’ is normally associated with thermal performance, insulation specification, U-Values, sustainable materials, etc. and we certainly include that when we suggest you ‘Future .

Comprehensive Future-Proofing must also:

  • Add value to your home in the event of a sale.
  • Ensure the design caters for further development if required later.
  • Be able to cater for the changing needs of the family