Short winter days and cloudy summer days leave us starved for light.  When we speak to people about their ideas, natural light and lots of it tends to be a recurring theme.

At over 50 degrees North, we have a big variation in the length of days from summer to winter.  Add the fact we are an island on the Atlantic with a lot of cloud and rain. Your mood turns dark just thinking about it.


The news doesn’t get better when you compare us to places like Los Angeles or the south of Spain.  They average about 3000 hours of sunshine per annum compared to our paltry 1300-1400 hours.

The real killer is the short winter days, especially from November through to February.  True the winter fire and the warm glow are a great feature of our winters but our dark winter days are 10 hours shorter than our longest summer days in June (compare this to 5 hours for the aforementioned LA or almost zero if you live in Nairobi).

All compelling reasons why it is important to optimise the amount of natural light we get into our homes, particularly the rooms we spend our daylight hours.  At Shomera, we have a lot of experience in designing to capture light while maintaining good functionality.  It is amazing what thoughtful design can do to bring light to life. Have a look at our House Extensions page to get a feel for some of the work we have carried out.


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