2021 Shomera Review by Frank O’Sullivan

At Shomera we use the phrase “changing the way you live” to describe what we do; we know it’s an accurate description of our clients’ experience.  

We have never needed more from our homes than in the past two years, never have our customers desired to change the way they live more. Spending more time confined to our homes has exposed their limitations and constraints. 

After the disruption of being shut down for numerous weeks during 2020 and then again in early 2021 we were happy to open our doors again in mid April 2021. Our first task was to determine how best to reschedule our customers’ projects with a degree of certainty. Despite their disappointment, our clients were very understanding of the delays. 

Little did we know there were harder issues to come as news of global shortages of materials and container delays began to emerge within days of returning to work. Material prices immediately started to go up.  Some manufacturers struggled to get products out and when they did, it came with a hefty price increase.  

The quiet days of lockdown seemed very far away as we faced very new challenges. It’s fair to say 2021 has been the longest year in Shomera’s 23 years.  

On a very positive note, the shift to working from home (WFH) has seen an increase in the Garden Room products we first brought to the market in 1998.  As things begin to settle in the workplace the hybrid blend of WFH and working in the office seems to be employers and staff’s preference.  The notion of this was something many of us could only have dreamed of only a few short years ago and now it has come to fruition. 

Despite the pressure and struggles we have faced this year we have undoubtedly continued to change the way our clients live in 2021. Amongst the many projects completed two highlights come to mind. 

  1. Gardens today are becoming as important as the living spaces of our homes.  With the opportunity to put a Garden Room of 25 sqm (268 square feet), without planning permission, and the possibilities for alfresco living, your garden can unlock wonderful spaces for your family and to socialise with friends.  These photographs show a Garden Room that was finished this year with beautiful landscaping designed and installed by KHS landscape.
  1. People are often surprised by what can be done within exempted development guidelines.  These plans are for a project completed in 2021. The project comprised a house extension and a Garden Room.  This design in >95% of cases would be exempt from Planning Permission. However, for this particular project, we had to obtain planning permission for our clients as they live in an area of Architectural Conservation.  The end result is a beautiful period home, delivering the requirements of 21st century living.

It’s now hard to believe that in September we were looking forward to a life without Covid and the return to normality on October 22nd.  Our hope today is that we can look forward to a year without lockdowns and another year where we can continue to create beautiful living spaces. 

On behalf of everybody in Shomera I wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous 2022.

Frank O’Sullivan 

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