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Loving And Caring For Your Garden Room

Generally, garden rooms are considered effortless extensions to your home. They are strong, last a lifetime and require little maintenance to stay looking their best. The amount of maintenance you need to do over the years usually depends on things like the weather, nearby surroundings and how often you use your space.

If you want to learn more about garden room maintenance, here are Shomera’s handy tips on how to maintain your garden room to keep it looking fresh.

Protect The Exterior

Our Shomera garden rooms are fitted with stunning larch timber cladding. These materials are long-lasting and require little maintenance to stay looking their best. But if you leave your timber without any protection, it’ll likely turn a grey colour over time. 

To retain the natural wood effect, a treatment can be applied. Typically, these treatments last around 5-10 years, depending on weather conditions. To prepare your garden room for the treatment, simply clean the cladding beforehand. 

Garden Rooms
Shomera garden rooms are clad with larch timber, which is resilient to weather but requires a little maintenance to ensure it’s kept looking its best.

Keep It Ventilated

If your garden room is a home office, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about ventilation issues, since you’ll be in and out very often. However, if you don’t use your outdoor room quite as frequently, make sure you open the windows and doors occasionally to let some fresh air in.

Without frequent ventilation, issues like damp, mould or a build-up of moisture can naturally occur. But simply opening the windows now and then can prevent these problems from arising. Plus, it’ll keep your space smelling nice!

If you are generating moisture in the building (e.g. exercise, clothes drying, etc.) a dehumidifier will help keep the room dry and prevent any mould build up.

Clear The Roof Regularly

With a Shomera garden room, our roofs are solid, insulated and built to last. You shouldn’t need to worry too much about anything serious (like structural issues) unless your garden room is very old or weathered.

But if you notice a build-up of debris or moss, make sure you clear it away or arrange for the roof to be cleaned. These build-ups happen naturally over time and may always be needed once every 1-2 years. 

If you have nearby trees surrounding your garden room, debris can quickly build up. So it’s best to keep an eye on it and clean on a schedule that suits your surroundings.

If your garden room is situated beneath or near trees, moss and organic material can build up over time. It’s important to clean this every year or so.

Keep Gutters Clean

Guttering around your garden room helps rainwater run away and protects your roof for longer. However, over time, gutters can block naturally from a build-up of leaves or moss. If water cannot properly run away from your roofs’ surface, it can cause damage.

To keep on top of this, check your gutters regularly and arrange for them to be routinely cleaned. This will help prevent leaks and can protect the durability of your roof.

Get Routine Check-Ups

One of the best things you can do to ensure you’re practising proper garden room maintenance is to invest in routine check-ups of your space. 

A garden room is a luxury area that’s meant to be enjoyed, and a quick check-up every 1-2 years can ensure it stays looking as good as new for a long time. 


Generally, garden room maintenance is considered a very minimal task. There isn’t much you need to do to keep your space looking fab all day, every day. By simply keeping on top of routine cleans and check-ups, you can enjoy your Shomera garden room for many years to come.

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