Rathfarnham Extension and Renovation

Project Description

The home is detached with an old conservatory to the rear suffering from the common theme of too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and inky black at night. The kitchen area was typical of houses built during that time – small and disproportionate to the size of the home. However, like most families much of the living is done in the kitchen even if small. Shomera are proud to have worked on this Rathfarnham Extension and Renovation

Project Details

Location Rathfarnham
Type House Extension
Length 8 weeks
Features Aluclad windows, mid-grey render, landscaping completions



The brief like many of our client briefs was to create a new open-plan living area by incorporating and improving the quality of the existing space while extending across the rear of the house. The mono-pitch and flat roof combination permits optimisation of light by means of clerestory glazing (high level above lower roof). A mid- grey render with aluclad glazing enhances the contemporary style of the extension. The project was finished off by the inclusion of a full landscaping plan.

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