Rathfarnham House Extension & Renovation

Project Description

Not much had been done to this semi-detached house with flat roof garage to side since it was built many decades ago.  With a background in interior design the new owners and their young family could see the potential of this home located near the Dodder River.

Project Details

Location Rathfarnham
Type House Extension & Full Renovation
Length: 12 weeks
Features: 2-storey extension to side, new bay window and roof to front, boy’s den in attic.

To increase living space and bedroom space as well as creating a den for the young boys, a two-storey extension was planned to the side, a ground floor extension to the rear and a new attic room was formed.  The front of the house received a significant facelift with a new bay window, roof over the new entrance and a gable detail in the two-storey extension which projects past the front line of the original house.

The new open plan living space to the rear is an ideal L-shape configuration with the kitchen at the intersection of the spaces.  A new utility room off the kitchen in the old garage space and a walk-through garage area completes the practical requirements of the busy family home.

The large rooflight floods the kitchen and the large window with low sill to the rear is an interesting alternative to floor to ceiling glazing.  The attic den is a place for chaos and fun.



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