Transforming Your Home – Part 2. House Extensions

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To get the space you need, most homes in Ireland require the addition of an extension. We design the extension with the opportunities and constraints of your home in mind. Aspect, light, existing space, garden and your specific requirements will shape the final design of the extension. Your house extension is the most difficult and important part of the project and we take great care ensuring it is designed and built to the highest standards.

To avoid the common pitfalls, we use factory-built architecture (also known as off-site construction). This allows us up to 50% of the work in our factory, not on your site, thus reducing time on site by 50%. It also guarantees higher quality in factory controlled conditions, as work on site can be hampered by conditions and weather.

You have more certainty around the schedule because we are not as weather-dependent and we have all the materials to hand before we commence on site. Everyone has seen the nightmare outcomes of time and cost over-runs. We have a project management team and system in place (ISO accredited) to avoid these pitfalls.

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