A Kitchen Island in Your House Extension 

Kitchen islands are a beautiful and surprisingly useful way to change the way your new space works and looks. Considering the layout of your soon-to-be remodelled space and how you intend to use your kitchen is key to planning your island to suit your needs. In an open-plan environment, they make a wonderful focal point around which family and friends can socialise and, with incredible practical benefits, they are the perfect place to prepare and cook food for your guests to enjoy.

A kitchen island is not to be dismissed as an extra. With additional storage, the island reduces the amount of overhead cabinetry needed, which, in a smaller kitchen, will help make the room feel spacious. The architectural nature of an island commands a striking presence and makes a bold design statement in any home.



When it comes to kitchen islands, don’t assume that if your kitchen space is small that an island won’t be possible, or that you can’t include the options you want. A kitchen island can offer valuable storage and space, to a small kitchen. With it, too, you get the advantage of having a surface for many different things to work on at once. 

There are many ways to make an island work in kitchens of all sizes, whether it be a reduced depth, a custom height, or extra-large units that are made to fit a specific design and space.

In recent years, entertaining has moved well beyond the dining room and into more relaxed social events in our kitchens and family rooms. A kitchen island provides a fabulous space to cook, dine, chat and relax with friends and family.



When clients ask if they have room for an island at Shomera, we consider factors such as how many people live in the house and how they use the space. When you begin to consider what your kitchen island will look like, it’s important to understand that there is a clearance zone. This is the space around the island where people can move freely and safely.

In the next in our blog series, we’ll look at the difference between a kitchen island and a kitchen peninsula. Talk to us about creating a fabulous and functional feature in your new kitchen space. 

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