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Garden Rooms

As the original creator of Garden Rooms, Shomera has learned from their customers and keeps pushing the boundaries.  Home offices, teenager dens or simply a place to retreat, Shomera make Garden Rooms that work 365 days a year.

Using factory-built architecture, our garden rooms can be used as a primary work space, study or hobby room, home gym, therapy room or break-out space for growing and busy families.

As a home office, the need for separate space is tantamount to balancing home and work life. We call it the 12-step commute. As a teenagers’ retreat, having growing children on the property but enjoying freedom works for many families. Lots of our customers tell us how their Shomera has taken the pressure off their home.

Garden Room Testimonials

We wanted a long-term durable solution that would be exempt from planning.  Shomera was the perfect solution for our needs.

Duncan Stewart, Architect

Any issues were resolved and I felt we were in the hands of a team of expertsWe are delighted with the finished product.  It has added greatly to the value of our home and to our quality of life.

Ann Donnelly

The whole experience was faultless: we had heard how incredibly stressful building work can be: for us, though it was quick and painless!  It is genuine when we say that you have realised our dreams!

Barry & Amanda Norton

Designed with Experience & Passion





Shomera Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms can be clad in timber, steel or other materials as long as the wall structure keeps the weather out and the heat is so it can be used 365 days a year. Most are fitted with good quality windows and doors, lighting and socket outlets. With plumbing as an option, there is no sense of being banished from the house. Garden Rooms are typically one room but depending on size, they can be divided to create more than one room. 

At Shomera we use larch as our preferred timber cladding for our Garden Rooms. Larch looks great, lasts for generations and doesn’t have to be painted often. The vast majority of Garden Rooms we install are exempt from planning permission as they are less than 25 square meters (268 square feet). 

Shomera 14

Garden Room – 3.1 x 4.3 m

From €26,500

Shomera 17

Garden Room – 3.1 x 5.5 m

From € 29,950

Shomera 21

Garden Room – 3.7 x 5.5 m

From € 33,500

Shomera 25

Garden Room – 3.7 x 6.7 m

From € 39,950

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. You aren’t the first to ask. Have a look at our most commonly received  questions. For anything that isn’t covered, we are only ever a phone call away.

You get a 10 year structural guarantee. All electrical and plumbing work is completed by fully registered tradesmen. In addition, manufacturers’ guarantees for windows, roofing, flooring, etc. are also given.

The vast majority of studios we install are exempted from planning under Class 3 of the General Exempted Development provisions of the planning regulations. The size limit for no planning is 25 square metres (268 square feet). There are some other conditions which we can go through with you in greater detail once we have surveyed your property.

Installation on site will take 2 weeks unless the garden room is large with a shower room, etc. In that case, the installation will take an additional week. For lead times, contact us directlY.

Payment in three stages. 30% deposit, 50% on delivery, 20% on completion.

Comprehensive drawings and quotations reduce the risk of running over-budget. It is also important to exercise restraint on finishes when the budget is tight.

You will be warm and comfortable 365 days a year because of the insulation and air-tightnesss of our studios. With over 10 layers in the walls, 8 in the roof and 5 in the floor the weathering and insulation ensure a warm, dry space to enjoy your home. See below for the make-up of the floors, walls and roofs.

We price your Garden Studio assuming a cleared and level site.  We insist on doing all our own foundations as it is such a critical aspect.  If demolition, levelling or clearance is required, we can cost and complete this work.  On completion, all you have to do inside is to paint.  Walls are plastered and ready for painting and the skirting is primed.  External landscape completions are the responsibility of our customers but we can assist with this element.

We use larch as our preferred cladding.  The larch is FSC certified and goes through a vacuum pressure-treatment prior to installation.  Having used many different claddings, larch offers an excellent balance of performance and minimal maintenance.
Rather than letting the timber weather to a grey colour, the vast majority of our customers prefer to retain the natural timber colour. Depending on orientation, etc. the typical cycle of maintenance is every 5 years but can be as long as 10 years. Treatment is easy as the only preparation required is to clean down the cladding prior to applying the treatment.
The windows and doors are double-glazed uPVC, with the advantage of being made from a naturally insulating material. The double glazed units come with tempered glass as required and the double glazed vacuum is filled with Argon gas. The window frames are 90mm and passive house standard. Windows and doors are available in Dark Grey (Slate Grey, RAL 7015) or Light Grey (Silver Grey, RAL 7001).

Garden Studios Specifications

Discover the nuts & bolts of what makes the Shomera Studio range the most popular on the market. From foundations & floors to walls, roofing & insulation, this section has you covered.



Whether it’s a Garden Room or House Extension, seeing is believing and nothing replaces standing inside the space, so our show area is a must-see.

From Monday, February 21, we are delighted to have Shomera Village open for drop-in visits on Monday-Friday 10-12.30 and Saturdays 11-3.  For other times, viewing is by appointment only.

Please ring 01 8258288 or email info@shomera.ie to arrange a viewing.

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