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As the original Garden Room creator, Shomera has learned from its customers and continually seeks to improve the design to make our Garden Rooms look great and work better. Home offices, teenager dens or simply a place to retreat, Shomera makes Garden Rooms that work 365 days a year.

Work & Live

The need for space has never been greater. Whether it’s a growing family, working from home, a teen den or a breakout space, the requirements are the same. Great quality space that looks good and works 365 days of the year Shomera introduced the concept of a Garden Room to the Irish market 24 years ago. Our passion to improve and deliver a great product continues.

In 1998, the first Shomeras were built as home offices, offering a clear separation between work life and home life while getting the benefits of working from home (WFH). In those early days, it was called teleworking or e-working and while working from home (WFH) had been steadily growing, the pandemic changed things utterly. Now WFH is available to a large segment of the workforce and the blend of working from the office and home is attractive to employers and staff.

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Stylish & Affordable

There are many things that make a building look good – shape, proportion, choice and balance of materials, symmetry, asymmetry, placement of openings (window and doors), junction details and more. We have been designing Garden Rooms for nearly a quarter of a century and have learned a lot in that time. In the context of buildings, Garden Rooms are on the small scale and the proportions require careful attention to ensure they look good. Discover our Classic and Contemporary ranges or talk to us about creating a Bespoke Garden Room built to your specific requirements. These are just some of the sizes available – contact us to find out about additional sizes


At Shomera, we have been engineering and designing our Garden Rooms for over 26 years. We are continuously improving and adapting our models to provide aesthetic appeal and excellent functionality for storage, with our interiors feeling open and inviting. Our Classic Garden Rooms are spacious, multifunctional and will last a lifetime. They deliver a spacious and light-filled garden retreat where owners can work, pursue hobbies or use as additional social space. Transforming unused outdoor space, a Shomera Garden Room adds valuable square footage to your property while respecting guidelines and enhancing your outside environment.

Shomera 12

3.0m x 3.6m

From €27,450


Shomera 21

3.6m x 5.4m

From €36,950


Shomera 25

3.6m x 6.6m

From €42,450



Ask 10 designers what contemporary means to them, and although some elements of their answers will be similar, essentially, you will get 10 different answers. The Shomera Contemporary garden room range focuses on a minimalist approach when it comes to shape and form. Sleek overhangs seem to float, supported by hidden structural elements that exemplify invisible craftsmanship. Inside, generous headroom and space unfold within a modest footprint. Light pours through expanses of glass to nurture plants or illuminate creativity. 

Shomera 14

3.0m x 4.2m

From €34,950


Shomera 18

3.6m x 4.8m

From €39,450


Shomera 23

3.6m x 6.0m

From €44,450



Create your own unique piece of garden architecture

With over 26 years of perfecting garden room craftsmanship, Shomera’s attention to detail ensures we are best placed to create truly personalised Garden Room sanctuaries. Our in-house team comprising Architects, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Master Builders, makes even the most ambitious visions a reality.

Whether you seek to reflect the architectural aspects of your home, incorporate unconventional shapes and roof lines, or showcase rare materials, we excel at shaping unique spaces. With full customisation across aesthetics and function, anything you can conceive, we can construct as a signature Shomera one-of-a-kind.

With Shomera, you imagine it and together, we build it.

All Our Garden Rooms are



What Makes A Great Garden Room

From being the first to market and evolving the design almost a quarter of a century, we understand how vital proportion and detailing are in the overall design and look of a Garden Room. Along with the overall shape and look, once you get the glazing in balance, you can focus on finishes.

What works best over time is a cladding that looks good, requires little maintenance and lasts a lifetime. The insulation requirements for a garden room are slightly different. The room must heat quickly as the nature of the usage is different to a home. That is why the insulated timber floor cassettes and two layers of insulation on the walls make such a difference.

With glazing quality matching housing standards, the noise and thermal performance keep your room quiet and warm. A garden room needs lighting and sockets that are fully compliant. A small panel with main fuse, RCB and MCB cover will provide a reliable and safe supply. The option to include plumbing is a significant cost factor but means the garden room can operate very well and independently as a fully-fitted home office, gym, etc.

Visit Shomera Village Showrooms to Experience Exceptional Spaces

Shomera Village

Seeing a Shomera Garden Room or House Extension first-hand is the best way to appreciate superior craftsmanship while getting a really good feel for what will work best in your home. Visit us at the Shomera Village where you can see some of our Garden Rooms and House Extensions.

Our showrooms are open for drop-in viewings Monday-Friday 10am – 12:30pm and Saturdays 11am – 3pm. Can’t visit during these hours? Simply call us on (01) 8258288 or email to schedule a personalised tour.


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We spend more time in the house extension than in the rest of the house. It is so open and comfortable and captures the evening sun. We love our house extension!

Barry & Amanda Norton

We wanted a long-term durable solution that would be exempt from planning. Shomera was the perfect solution for our needs.



We were amazed at how quickly the project was completed and with little or no interference with our daily life.  Any issues were dealt with and resolved and at all times I felt we were in the hands of a team of experts.  We are delighted with the finished product and feel it has added greatly to the value of our home and to our quality of life.

Ann Donnelly


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. You aren’t the first to ask. Have a look at our most commonly received questions. For anything that isn’t covered, we are only ever a phone call away.

You get a 10 year structural guarantee. All electrical and plumbing work is completed by fully registered tradesmen. In addition, manufacturers’ guarantees for windows, roofing, flooring, etc. are also given.

The vast majority of studios we install are exempted from planning under Class 3 of the General Exempted Development provisions of the planning regulations. The size limit for no planning is 25 square metres (268 square feet). There are some other conditions which we can go through with you in greater detail once we have surveyed your property.

Payment in three stages. 30% deposit, 50% on delivery, 20% on completion.

Comprehensive drawings and quotations reduce the risk of running over-budget. It is also important to exercise restraint on finishes when the budget is tight.

We use larch as our preferred cladding. The larch is FSC certified and goes through a vacuum pressure-treatment prior to installation. Having used many different claddings, larch offers an excellent balance of performance and minimal maintenance.

The windows and doors are double-glazed uPVC, with the advantage of being made from a naturally insulating material. The double glazed units come with tempered glass as required and the double glazed vacuum is filled with Argon gas. The window frames are 90mm and passive house standard. Windows and doors are available in Dark Grey (Slate Grey, RAL 7015) or Light Grey (Silver Grey, RAL 7001).

You can read the full specifications of our Garden Rooms here.

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