Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Rooms

Welcome to Shomera’s Garden Room FAQs, where we answer common questions about our versatile and stylish Garden Rooms. If you’re considering adding a Shomera Garden Room to your property, this resource offers valuable insights into its design, construction, and maintenance. We aim to provide comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your investment in outdoor living space.

What guarantees come with my Shomera Garden Room?

All Shomera Garden Rooms come with a ten-year structural guarantee. The guarantee is specifically designed to cover key structural components of the Shomera Garden Room, including the foundational structures, roofing, wall framing, and load-bearing elements. Additionally, all electrical, plumbing and fittings are installed by registered tradesmen, giving you complete peace of mind. All third-party manufacturer guarantees (e.g. windows, doors, roofing, etc.) are also passed on to our customers. We adhere to stringent quality control standards during construction, delivery, and installation to minimise the likelihood of structural defects.

Can I get a Shomera Garden Room without planning permission?

In Ireland, many Garden Rooms can be installed without the need for planning permission, thanks to exemptions under Class 3 of the General Exempted Development provisions of the planning regulations. This exemption applies to structures not exceeding 25 square metres (approximately 268 square feet). However, it’s important to note that additional conditions must be met to qualify for this exemption, such as height restrictions and location relative to the main dwelling.

We provide a comprehensive and complimentary property survey at the beginning of your Shomera journey to navigate these regulations. During our property survey, we’ll assess your situation, including garden size, proposed Shomera Garden Room location, and intended use, to determine if your project falls within the exempted development criteria.

Can you explain the Shomera installation process to me?

Shomera offers a comprehensive installation service, taking charge of every step in creating your Garden Room, from the initial design to installation. This means we handle preparing and clearing the site with all necessary groundwork and outfitting the space with essential utilities such as plumbing and electrical systems if required.

All elements of your Shomera are crafted off-site in our factory in Dunshaughlin, where we have perfected the build to meet the highest standard and ensure an efficient and seamless on-site installation.

Upon completion of the Shomera Garden Room, the interior is left finished and ready for decoration – the walls are plastered and ready for you to apply paint, and the skirting is primed. While the external landscaping remains the responsibility of our clients, we’re more than willing to offer guidance and support in this area to ensure your Shomera integrates seamlessly with its surroundings. Our comprehensive approach ensures that from foundation to finish, every aspect of your Shomera Garden Room’s creation is managed with the utmost care and quality, leaving only minimal final touches in your hands.

How long will it take to get my Shomera Garden Room installed?

The installation timeline for your Shomera Garden Studio primarily depends on the design chosen. For standard installations, the process is typically completed over a three-week period.

Once the concrete foundation is set, the superstructure is installed. However, our 26-year experience ensures we allow for the appropriate settling and drying times for concrete and plasterworks in between install phases, ensuring we avoid high moisture content levels and other potential issues down the line.

While the whole process, ensuring every detail meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship, will take about three weeks, we will typically be on site for two weeks.

For more complex designs, especially those that incorporate additional features like a shower room, the installation process may extend to four weeks (with us being on-site for circa three weeks)

At Shomera, all our projects are planned well in advance, giving our clients confidence in our delivery dates. We will supply detailed timelines for your project at the early sales stage. Our planning process ensures we have tight project control. Throughout the installation, you will be supported by a Shomera a project management team who will keep you updated on progress regularly.

What cladding is used on the exterior of Shomera Garden Rooms?

We offer a range of range of sustainable, maintenance free, composite materials as cladding whilst also offering Ceder as standard. For more bespoke designs, we can offer alternate finishes
Our fascia and soffit detailing use the same range of composite materials, we also offer aluminium details that complement the joinery.

What windows and doors are used in Shomera Garden Rooms?

In Shomera Garden Rooms, we incorporate high-quality double-glazed uPVC windows and doors as standard due to their excellent insulating properties and durability. uPVC, as a naturally insulating material, helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the Garden Room, contributing to energy efficiency. The double-glazed units are equipped with tempered glass for added safety and durability, and the space between the glass panes is filled with Argon gas, enhancing thermal insulation and reducing heat transfer. We also offer upgrades to Alu-Clad (timber aluminium) from Rationel, which is triple-glazed and offers a wider choice of colour finishes, sizes and openings to our clients. We have chosen two of the most popular colours as standard but can offer up to 27 colour finishes (with a little extra lead time).

How well insulated are Garden Rooms?

The walls of the Garden Rooms are well insulated with a combination of quilt insulation and foil-backed insulated plasterboard.

The roof is constructed with multiple layers of insulation and weatherproofing materials. The floor system comprises five layers, designed not only for insulation but also for stability and moisture resistance—a leading cause of cold, damp living spaces. Combined, this ensures that the interior remains warm during colder months and maintains a cooler temperature during the Summer months.

How is a Shomera Garden Room built?

The design and construction of Shomera Garden Rooms result from extensive experience, with over 2,600 installations across Ireland and the UK over more than two and a half decades. We have installed more Garden Rooms than any other supplier in Ireland. These structures have proven their durability and performance over time.

Shomera Garden Rooms are constructed on robust foundations created using in-situ poured concrete pads, ensuring a stable and level base. Galvanised steel beams are then employed for their structural support and damp-proof properties, providing a solid and secure foundation. This approach avoids the use of porous materials like concrete blocks to prevent any dampness or mould growth, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the Garden Room.

Shomera Garden Rooms use multiple-layer timber frames for walls, ensuring strength. Longevity, insulation and comfort. The roof is made up of multiple layers with flexi fibreglass, the best flat roof finish on the market, for effective weather protection. Windows and doors are double-glazed uPVC, chosen for thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Insulation is carefully fitted to maximise warmth, using a combination of quilt and rigid insulation members where appropriate. External finishes include our composite range and cedar timber as standard, as well as other alternatives for bespoke garden rooms. Cement board is used on boundary-facing sides for low maintenance.

Can Shomera Garden Rooms be used year-round?

Our Garden Rooms are designed for year-round use, thanks to their high-quality insulation and double-glazed uPVC or AluClad windows and doors, ensuring they remain warm and comfortable every day of the year. This level of insulation and air-tightness means the rooms are energy-efficient and maintain a stable temperature, making them ideal for various uses regardless of the season.

How do I maintain my Shomera Garden Room’s exterior?

Our composite, cement board and aluminum finishes require little to no maintenance except regular cleaning, but timbers will require treatment and upkeep regularly and as required

Can a Shomera Garden Room be connected to home utilities?

Shomera Garden Rooms can be connected to your home’s utilities, including electricity, water, and internet, depending on your specific requirements and the intended use of the space. This allows for a fully functional room that can serve as a home office, studio, or even a guest room, with all the comforts and conveniences of the main house.

Will a Garden Room increase the value of my home?

Yes! Investing in a Shomera Garden Room offers a valuable addition to your property, providing a versatile and cost-effective means of expanding your living space. With the potential to significantly increase your home’s value, Garden Rooms is a long-term investment option, offering additional square footage without the need for an extension.


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