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There’s a good chance that if you are on this page then your home isn’t working for you. Given the similarities in our housing stock, there are many reasons why our homes don’t meet our needs, but many homeowners experience the same frustrations. Bad layout, small rooms, not enough natural light, insufficient storage, poor insulation and ventilation, an inadequate (or no) utility room, and no connection to their outdoor space to name the most common ones we encounter. As a full-service architectural firm, we have helped over 2,500 customers address their frustrations with their most important space. As we offer a Design and Build service, we are involved in every phase of your project, from concept to completion and professional clean. We are passionate about transforming homes and creating buildings that are both beautiful and a joy to live in. Our combined design and build process ensures a smooth and flawless transition from an architect’s sketch to a real-life build.

Learn more about Shomera’s four-step architecture process:


First things first. We want to hear from you. What are your dreams for your home? What do you need? What do you like and any ideas do you have about design? From this, we create a design that fits your lifestyle, while making it look great.The first meeting is in your home and is free of charge. We get to see your existing space, along with the opportunities and constraints it has to offer. Having listened to your requirements, we get to work.


With the experience of over 2,500 projects completed, our design team begins the process by creating sketches that conceptualise your vision. With back and forth, we zone in on a design that works for you. Once we have shown you plans for this, we present 3D models of how it will look in the context of your existing home. The costs for the project are presented at this stage and unlike the programmes you see on TV or the horror stories of over-runs on budgets, Shomera will give you realistic costings that will only change if you decide to make changes. This is verified by our >95% customer approval rating.


Next, we go from concept to detailed design. We firm up the details of the plumbing, electrics, internal joinery, floor finishes, etc. Customer drawings are completed to a very high level of detail, so you know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for. These drawings are a key component of the contract and details for when we get to site.


We do a lot of work before we ever get to site. Project planning and off-site construction mean we are in your hair for the shortest time possible. It also improves the quality of the build. Once we get to site, it initially gets ugly. We demolish, alter and generally make a mess. But take heart, it’s all for the ultimate good. Pipework and foundations give way to the superstructure arriving and being put up in a short space of time (days in fact). Then we get to plumbing, electrics and sealing internally.

The final stage is when it all comes together as your beautiful new home. Kitchens, carpentry, flooring, etc. All during this we conduct inspections and quality audits, keeping you abreast of all the details and any issues that need to be discussed. After Practical Completion, you move into your new space, and we finish the niggly bits (called snags). We’ve done this a lot, so you are in safe hands.


Though we love our home and are well embedded into our area, the current layout of the house isn’t working for our family. Having spoken at length with Shomera’s architect, Nicola, about the design we were looking forward with anticipation to the design proposal. Even though we had high expectations, we were blown away by the proposal! The photo-realistic rendering of our home with the new extension has allowed us to see what our home will become. We are very much looking forward to the transformation soon becoming a reality.

Mark Grainger

We completed the design stage of our build project and the end result of this process has gone beyond what we expected. Everything from light, layout and storage has been carefully thought through and delivered by the Shomera team. The 3D visualisations have been hugely helpful for us to see how our home will be once the project is completed.

Julie Uí HUallacháin

Our kitchen and dining space wasn’t working for our growing family.  With extended family  and friends visiting we needed more scope.  Shomera’s solution has made an amazing change to the way we live in our home. Not only is our living space transformed but we are wonderfully connected to our garden and outdoor living space as a result of the work.  I’ve heard stories of people having a bad building experience.  Ours couldn’t have been better. Highly recommend Shomera for peace of mind and quality


I was concerned that the layout of the existing spaces and the new extension needed to work seamlessly. To include a good utility room, a service access, an open-plan living area with clearly defined areas were some of the challenges and I have to say my expectations were exceeded in the design that was delivered by Shomera.

James Cassin


Why Shomera?

With over 25 years of experience and 2,500 plus completed projects our clients feedback simply speaks for itself.

“The disruption to our home and lives was absolutely minimal.”

“From beginning to end the experience was great. A wonderful professional service.”

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The Shomera Library

Within the Shomera Library, you’ll find a wealth of content, including comprehensive guides on project planning, expert tips for cost management, and invaluable insights into key design considerations, all aimed at helping you create your dream home extension.


Some Questions About Our Service

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The first thing to say is, take heart, we have been into every kind of house that isn’t working for the family. Getting your home to where you want it to be is possible.

Two things you must do.

  1. Find someone you trust can solve your problem. Word of mouth and reputation are important as you search. Experience in delivering transformed homes and a track record through existing customers will give you the reassurance you need.
  2. Start writing down your frustrations, what’s not working, ideas you like and things you have seen (trawl for photographs of what you love). Basically, it’s a brief for your architect/designer to incorporate. The more detailed, the better.

It can be slightly different, depending on who you have engaged to design and oversee the transformation of your home, but this is the general run of things.  

  1. You go through the initial design process. Already, it will be essential to confirm what your budget is.  Otherwise, it can be very frustrating to have a design completed that falls outside your budget. In our experience, this can take anywhere from 1-3 months.
  2. Once the initial design is completed when required, a planning application is submitted and then we wait for the local authority.  This takes 3 months and another 6 weeks before the job can commence.
  3. With planning granted, a stage of more detailed design is completed and in our case, we start to plan materials, order windows, schedule off-site construction, etc.
  4. Having given you a date of commencement and completion, we start on-site in your home. The good news in our case is that the completion date is as dependable as the commencement date. Have a look at the testimonials from our existing customers!

Fees are mostly charged as a percentage of the value of the project. Our first consultation at your home is free and among other things, we explain how the whole project is priced, including the design element.  Because we both design and build, we can charge a smaller percentage for the design of your house extension and renovation.

Most homeowners only get to do this once, so it’s really important to get it right.  Also, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will be walking somewhat blind into the process.  Reputation, ISO certification, word-of-mouth recommendations and other measures are what are best to help you decide who you will trust with this life-changing project.

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