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House Extensions

When you come to Shomera for a house extension you don’t come just for the build but for the entire process.

Our architects, builders, engineers, surveyors, suppliers, and trades teams cover all aspects of your home design and construction. Project communication from that initial meeting right through to the delivery of your beautiful project is through one single communication channel.

The Shomera Design Team isn’t only concerned with the look and finish of your build. 

Instead, they work with their colleagues and equally participate and input into the building process. This process ensures a smooth and flawless transition from an architect’s sketch to a real life build. We refer to it as Design and Build. (link to blog)



Design affords the opportunity to work through your ideas with an experienced design team before a shovel hits the ground.  Also, with 3D sketches you can really see what your home is going to look like before we start.


In one of the most important projects you will ever undertake, reliability and quality are paramount.  Our experience and reputation ensure you have these.  You can trust us to transform your home.  You are in safe hands.


The build is completed, the professional cleaners have left and all certificates sent. Now, you and your family can enjoy the rewards of your investment.  Light, space and comfort to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Creating beautiful
open-plan living spaces
changing the way you live.

There are many things we do throughout our journey with you to ensure your dream home is realised and your investment is safe and worthwhile.

With our rich 20+ years of experience and with over 2,000 projects under our belt, we find solutions within whatever limits we are set.


Given our garden is North-facing, their consideration of the orientation and how best to capture light was fantastic.  We’ve been in our new home for a year now and every time, I feel like I am walking into a magazine.

Mary Simons

Appointing Shomera to design & build our extension was the best decision we made.  Although we had spoken with a number of architects, Shomera were the only party that listened, understood and delivered on the brief with a realistic budget. 

Evelyn Byrne

Everything from light, layout and storage has been carefully thought through and delivered by the Shomera team. The 3D visualisations have been hugely helpful for us to see how our home will be once the project is completed.

Julie O’Sullivan



Whether it’s a Garden Room or House Extension, seeing is believing and nothing replaces standing inside the space, so our show area is a must-see.

From Monday, February 21, we are delighted to have Shomera Village open for drop-in visits on Monday-Friday 10-12.30 and Saturdays 11-3.  For other times, viewing is by appointment only.

Please ring 01 8258288 or email info@shomera.ie to arrange a viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have lots of questions when it comes to considering a house extension/renovation project.  We are happy to answer all your questions, but to keep from frustrating our visitors, we have limited the number of questions here to the most common ones.  If we haven’t answered your questions, feel free to contact us.

Exempted development (work on your home that doesn’t require planning permission) includes a substantial allowance for building a house extension.  There are conditions on the size (not greater than 40 SQM), location on your property, height and use of glazing). For most of our clients, we design and build a house extension that does not require planning permission.

Yes, design is a critical factor in getting the most out of your home and we have seen too many poorly designed and completed house extensions, where the extension didn’t work and the existing house suffered.  Also, with increasing regulations, you will have to get the work certified or you can jeopardise the value of your home.  Our design team includes an architect, engineer, QS and master builders. This along with 3D sketches will ensure you get it right.

Most house extensions involve some or a very significant level of renovation which affects the cost.  When you add the design, supervision, certification, structural alteration costs in our experience the average project costs in the range of €80,000- €120,000 including VAT.  The extension part of this will typically be 60-80% of this.

Budget and schedule are critical issues. In some quarters there has been a culture of trying to get more money off the client by saying some items are extras. Our pricing policy is to have an all-in price from the start. More than 95% of our projects come within budget. Some run over because of amendments and additions chosen by the client during the project and a tiny percentage run into unforeseen items (usually to do with ground conditions or the condition of the existing house).

Comprehensive drawings and quotations reduce the risk of running over-budget. It is also important to exercise restraint on finishes when the budget is tight.


Because of our factory-built architecture, we spend less than 50% of the time on site as a traditional builder will spend (if he’s a good one).  Make no mistake about it, extending and renovating your home is very disruptive. Because of the cost and availability of short-term lets, many people have no choice but to stay in their home.  We know this is the reality for most people, so we build off-site, spend less time on-site and we do little things to make it work for you, e.g. setting up kitchen appliances temporarily in a sitting room make a big difference. 

Once you have a Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations and a good design then the extension will add substantially to value of your home. The additional value the extension brings will be subject to a number of specific issues such as your location, house and extension size, and aesthetic to name a few.

The answer to this question depends on the size of the extension and the scope of renovation work to the existing house.  From the time we start on site to completion is anywhere from 8-16 weeks, again dependent on the scale of the project. What we can guarantee you is we will keep to our schedule and be completed much faster than a traditional building contractor.


Legislation requires that your house extension is built in compliance with the Building Regulation Act. If a house extension is in compliance, then a Certificate of Compliance may be issued by a qualified professional who has Professional Indemnity Insurance.  This certificate can only be issued either by an architect, engineer or chartered surveyor.  Since most extension and renovation projects involve structural alteration, you will need a structural scheme and certification from a registered engineer also.  All house extensions by Shomera are constructed in compliance with the current Building Regulations, are inspected and issued with a Certificate of Compliance and structural certification as part of our service.