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Dundrum House Extension and Renovation


  • Location Dundrum
  • Length 9 weeks
  • Features Large utility, stove, bag-drop, clerestory


The home is a detached house with a wide side garden and rear garden facing east. Because of the original design of a singles-storey kitchen and utility room, sun light was blocked from the rear of the house for most of the day.
Two of the design requirements were to unlock the potential for natural light into the living areas and make a stronger connection with the garden. Before and after shots show how the re-orientation of the living area and replacement of a window with sliding doors achieved this.
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Design Point 1

The 45-degree rear elevation means the owners have optimised the enjoyment of the southerly aspect of there end of street home. The clerestory windows above the roof line catch sun until very later in the summer evenings.

Design Point 2

The same clerestory windows, rooflights and the vaulted ceiling of the monopitch roof give a great sense of light and space.