Ensuring Your Garden Room is Light and Bright: Five Tips For A Bright & Modern Interior

Designing your garden room interior is one of the most enjoyable parts of setting up your new space. Once your Shomera garden room has been expertly installed, all you need to do is paint, decorate and fashion the interior with the furnishings you need.

If you plan on using your space as a home office or a relaxing area to enjoy after a long day, you may be wondering how to decorate your garden room to create a light, bright and enjoyable space.

If so, you’ll love this list of Shomera’s favourite garden room interiors and design tips.

Maximise Natural Light

One of the best ways to make your garden room interior appear brighter is to maximise the natural light entering the space. To do this, choose window covers that accentuate light, rather than block it, like day & night blinds or sheer linen curtains. 

If your space is still relatively dark, consider adding a mirror to a darker corner. Being clever about mirror placement in your garden room can transform the entire aesthetic.

Choose a Neutral Paint Colour

Choosing a wall colour for your garden room is one of the most important design decisions. Different shades set different tones. If you want to create a space that feels calm and relaxing, neutral paint colours are ideal. 

Lighter shades like creams, greys, whites or pastels are some of the best choices. They can help reflect natural light around the room and make it appear brighter and more spacious. 

Opt for Minimalist Décor

Some of the best garden room interiors we come across are spaces with minimalist décor. If you want a brighter garden room, less is more. Keep your space relatively uncluttered and consider choosing bold décor items with solid colours.

Sometimes, choosing a few larger décor items – like hanging artwork, mirrors or plants – can make a bigger statement than lots of smaller pieces. 

Minimalist décor combined with bright, neutral shades can be an effective approach for ensuring your garden room is bright and roomy.

Add Furniture With Legs

To make your space feel brighter and more spacious, opt for raised furniture. Being able to see the floor underneath can trick the mind into thinking the room is lighter and bigger than it really is.

This works particularly well if you’re planning on adding a sofa, armchair or TV stand to your garden room interior. But you can also use this trick when choosing plant stands, cabinets, side tables and even beds. 

Keep it Clutter-Free

A very simple way of ensuring your garden room stays light and bright is to keep it clutter-free. This is especially important for areas near windows or doors since this can disrupt the light entering your space. 

If you’re using your garden room as a home office, a great way to keep it decluttered is to invest in practical organisers and storage baskets. That way, you can tidy the essentials away after work, rather than leaving your desk looking cluttered and messy.


Designing your garden room interior is one of the most personal parts of the installation process. Choosing your décor, colour scheme and furnishings can tailor your space and transform it into an area of your home where you feel calm, relaxed and productive. If you need help designing your garden room interiors, subscribe to our newsletter! We’ll send an occasional email full of the latest tips, news and innovations in house extensions and garden rooms.

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