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Howth House Extension and Renovation


  • Location - Howth
  • Length 9 weeks
  • Features - Refurbished utility stone cladding on existing walls, new windows at FF.


Though a large detached house, like many of its era, the kitchen was disproportionately small and did not get a lot of natural light. The brief was to create a better working kitchen integrated to dining and living areas. This Howth House Extension and Renovation was a pleasure to work on.

IMG_3870 2
IMG_3879 4

Design Point 1

The open-plan design required a very large structural opening in the back of the existing house, for which 2 vertical steel columns were required. These were transformed into a design feature by creating a brick end wall detail for the island which also acts as a break between kitchen and seating area.

Design Point 2

The extension is finished in a stone cladding with the reveals finished in a plaster detail to highlight the beautiful windows and doors.