Planning For Your House Extension Project

Are you planning or in the early stages of thinking about a house extension and renovation project? The questions below will help you decide what your priorities are for your extension and better explain certain aspects of a house extension project. 

In the planning stages, you don’t need to have answers for all of these questions, but the more questions you do answer, the better equipped you will be to give direction to the professionals you engage. For those questions that you haven’t considered before or don’t have answers to yet, take some time to think about them.

Start by considering the following: 

  • Why is your home not meeting your requirements?
  • What use do you have in mind for the house extension?
  • Do you have any idea of the extension size you’d like?
  • Have you ideas about how to integrate the new extension and the space of the existing house?
  • What’s the orientation or direction of your garden?
  • Is there anything you definitely want to include in your extension?
  • What budget do you want to work within?


Once you have a good feel for these top-line questions, take some time to consider each of the key areas below. Determine which statement (or statements) in each category best describes your thought process. 

Planning Permission

  • I would prefer to avoid having to make an application for planning permission and avail of planning exemptions if possible. 
  • I don’t mind submitting a planning application if the size or location necessitate it, as long as we get the best extension for our needs.

Integration Of The New Living Space 

  • I am concerned about how the new space will integrate with the existing space in my home. 
  • I may need to reconfigure the rooms in the existing house to get the space we need. 
  • I want the new living space to act as a completely separate space. 
  • I want the new living space to be integrated as part of an existing room (e.g. an extension integrated into my kitchen). 

Natural Light 

  • I am concerned about the loss of natural light to the existing rooms in my house once we add an extension. 
  • If possible, I would prefer not to block the windows to the rooms of the house. 
  • I want the new living space to be flooded with natural light. 
  • I want a reasonable balance of light in the new living space. 

And, if at all possible, I would like to use natural light during:

  • The first half of the day 
  • The last half of the day 
  • Both 


  • I want the new living space to be very well insulated. 
  • I would be willing to pay a little extra to get higher thermal performance (insulation values). 
  • Natural light and thermal performance work in balance. The more glazing in the building, the poorer the insulation value of the building. Which of the two is more important to you – natural light or heat insulation? 

Style Of Building 

  • I would prefer a more traditional style of extension. 
  • I am willing to consider a more adventurous design solution. 

 Roof Style

  • I  have a particular roof style in mind. 
  • I want a style that will be the same as my existing home. 
  • I want a style that is different but complementary to my existing home. 

 Construction Methods 

  • I would like to know more about the different construction methods, such as solid concrete blocks, cavity blocks, steel frame and timber frame. 
  • In particular, I would like to know about permanence, longevity, insulation performance, sustainability and environmental impact. 
  • Advances in building technology allow buildings to perform better (better weathering, air tightness and insulation) and are more sustainable. Is this important to you?


Finally, when it comes to choosing your building company, it is crucial that the answer to every one of the questions below is “yes.” At Shomera, we answer yes to all of these questions.

  • Are the construction works guaranteed?
  • Does the company have adequate liability insurance? 
  • Is the company financially secure enough to ensure the completion of your house extension?
  • Does the company have a good track record and have they been in business long?
  • Are the building works certified as compliant by a separate office under current Building Regulations? 
  • Are you applying for planning permission or will you receive a certificate toconfirm the work is exempt? 
  • Will drawings be produced to give an accurate view and specifications of the project? 
  • Does the company have experience in designing solutions that will meet your needs in the best possible way? 


If you are thinking about a building project talk to us today at Shomera. We are passionate about transforming homes and creating buildings that are beautiful and a joy to live in. Each build project we undertake is given the utmost attention to detail and our portfolio is a testament to the builds that we create. To date, in our 24 years in business, we have completed close to 2,500 projects in a variety of homes throughout Ireland.

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