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Most people feel their houses are too small.  Almost everyone would say they need more space.  If, like the majority of people, you live in a semi-d or terraced house don’t despair.  In the project featured the existing house had less than 1,000 sq. feet but the end result is a great family space, separate living room, separate studio and some external classy storage space.

Our clients went from feeling cramped in their kitchen to having a great kitchen, living area and a separate break-out space that can be used 365 days a year.  Having completed over 500 house extensions, our customers constantly tell us how they can’t believe their living in the same house.

So, if you are settled in your area, children in schools and sports locally but your space is no longer working DON’T DESPAIR.

Design Point 1

Extending and adding a garden room can unlock space in what seems like a small property with tight rear garden.

Design Point 2

The garden room doubles up as extra living space and high-quality storage making the most of every square foot of this property in this great location.

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