Why Small Can Be Beautiful

Bigger isn’t always better! Many homeowners dream of large open spaces, but small and divided spaces have their perks too. Going small is especially beneficial for rooms that have one specific function like the garden home offices we build and design at Shomera.

Many clients have told us that our small garden offices have increased their productivity when working from home – and their focus. Even though a space can be small we’d like to show you how these spaces can be beautiful and beneficial. Here are our thoughts on some of the benefits of small office spaces, along with some tips on how to organise them:

Less Clutter

Although it may sound odd, small home offices are usually better organised than large ones. Why does this happen? Quite simply if you have a small office, you won’t try to put so much into it. You will instinctively find ways to maximise your space and comfort and avoid unnecessary furniture and décor. Plus, even when the tiniest of items stands out and is not in their proper place, you will immediately notice them and pick them up. This prevents clutter and helps create a more organised office space.

More Energy Savings

If you have a small office space, you won’t need to turn on the heating that often, as it will take little time to achieve desired temperatures. That’s also why small rooms are super warm and cosy. To maximise energy savings, at Shomera we build floors, walls and roofs with multiple layers to improve insulation and air-tightness.  Our home offices also have higher than average amounts of glass for natural light/thermal gain but not too much to avoid glare.

Garden Rooms

It’s More Compact

In small garden rooms, everything is tight and within reach. Even if you lose something, we guarantee you will find it in no time. It can’t be that far away! In large offices, the opposite happens. If you can’t find something, whether it’s a pen or stapler, you will probably have to dig through storage and clutter looking for it. If the office is part of an open floor plan you may have to forget about the item you lost!

Nobody Will Try To Take Your Space

When working from home, family members can occupy our home office and start using it for their own needs, whether for storage, gaming, exercise, or reading. With small spaces, this is unlikely to be an issue since everything is compact and there isn’t that much extra space. 

Plus, having a home office that’s isolated from the rest of the home sets strong boundaries between your identity as a professional and as a family member. It’s a statement to the rest of your family that you shouldn’t be bothered while working and that this space is reserved only for you.

Privacy And Relaxation

In a busy household, privacy can be hard to come by (especially if the home has open plan spaces). Because our home offices are outside the house, they act as small private areas in which you can have some alone time and truly enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Tips For Organising A Small Space

Organising a small room differs from organising a large one. You need to be creative and think of ways to maximise your space and comfort. Luckily, the process is not as hard as it sounds. It can be very fun and exciting.

There are many clever ways you can organise and create a more productive environment in a small space.

Office boards – Whether a cork or whiteboard, office boards are ideal for multitasking and organising documents. We recommend choosing a unique product, like glass or wire boards to increase visual appeal. You can also customise the board and attach shelves to its frames for storing stationery items.

Establishing zones – This is the key to maintaining order and maximising productivity and can be achieved even in the smallest of spaces. Divide your office into working, researching and relaxation zones. You can establish the zones with rugs, furniture, different wall colours, bookshelves, and even curtains. 

Thinking vertically – If your office space is narrow, start building up! Use tall cupboards and hanging shelves for increasing vertical storage. Place the items you need most closer to the ground, and the ones you need least on the highest shelves.

Organising drawers – Drawers are great for offices, but not when they are a mess. Use drawer dividers to organize your drawers or paint the drawers in different colours to know what’s where.

Organising cables – it might not seem like a big deal, but proper cable management can save you from a lot of stress and they can make a space look unkempt. You can use cable clips, boxes, sleeves, and USB chargers. There are many cable management gadgets with wonderful designs too.

Writable walls – with smart wall whiteboard paint a section of your wall can become a place to brainstorm, plan, show on video calls, etc.

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