Creating A Home Office

One significant change brought on by COVID is the reduction in the hours spent in company offices. Buildings are empty and the concept of all staff working under one roof all of the time appears to be slowly disappearing. Many employees are not planning to return full time to their office environments choosing instead to set up space to work from home. These employees working from home are enjoying greater flexibility, spending more time with their families and are more productive. Employers are also seeing the benefits; getting better results from their employees and cutting costs on renting large office spaces.

Once you have made the decision to create a garden room, here are some of the most important ideas and tips for creating the perfect home office:

Balance Artificial And Natural Light

Light plays a crucial role in productivity and concentration so it is best not to rely too much on either artificial or natural light. Instead, try to accomplish a balance between the two. Both the positioning of your garden room in relation to the sun and window choices will optimise the amount of natural light in your garden room.

Consider also bright reflective surfaces such as glass décor, mirrors and shiny tiles. Combine these with multiple artificial lights such as ambient LED strips, desk lights, and overhead lights. Try to pick unique and interesting light fixtures to boost visual appeal along with clarity.

The position of your desk is also important for lighting. Place the desk near to the window but be careful to avoid too much direct sunlight or glare on the desk. You can also use shades to have more control over natural light and for UV protection.

Colours Affect Our Behaviour

For decorating, consider researching colour psychology. Every colour has a different influence on our behaviour. Orange and yellow encourage creative and divergent thinking while green calms our minds and bodies. Consider even a very small splash of these colours within your space perhaps in the form of a print or some soft furnishings.

Quality Chairs Are Good For Your Back

One of the negative side effects of desk jobs is back pain. Luckily, many products can help you keep a healthy posture. Start with finding the right chair. Besides visual appeal, consider the chair’s material and the support it provides for your back, thighs, and arms.

With desks, the ideal option is an adjustable desk that changes height. This way you can even work while standing on your feet, which according to experts is perfect for maintaining your energy and a healthy posture. Also, going from being seated to standing is good to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Consider the number of monitors you use as well. If you are a multi-tasker or simply want to upgrade your workstation with a second monitor then install corner or folding desks. You can also search online for desks that are specifically designed for dual monitor setups. If you can’t find the right desk for your needs, you can always opt for a custom-built one.

Since the workstation is the central part of every office, make sure it’s as comfortable as it can be. The furniture in your home office should enable you to keep the back and neck always straight, and the arms parallel to the ground.

Invite Nature Inside

Everybody should have a few plants in their home office. According to statistics, Inviting nature in an office positively influences our mental and physical health, increasing productivity by 15%.
Choose plants that need little care and air-purifying plants like Devil’s ivy, Spider Plant or Boston Fern. Air-purifying plants remove toxins from the air. Ideally, combine a selection of these plants in your office space. Remember also that the plants in your garden form a backdrop to your work environment. Plant cleverly so that beautiful blooms are in your eye line and almost feel like they are sitting within your office.

Be Smart About Storage

Office spaces, whether at home or in a corporate building, can quickly become buried in papers and documents. To keep your workspace organised and neat, use smart storage solutions. There are many smart storage solutions available including hidden storage, built-in seating or cabinetry, multifunction footstools, etc.

Cables and wires are a scourge of the modern office and as a professional it really is worth trying to conceal them. Cable management is a thing nowadays and there are clever, affordable solutions available! Good organisation is crucial for creating a functional home office.

Design your workspace based on your needs and don’t be afraid to use innovative solutions while doing so. Some popular out-of-the-box ideas are pegboards, modular storage, wire shelving, walk-in libraries, and cabinet desks.

Take A Break

Regardless of the size of your office try and create a little break out space away from your desk and office chair. Place soft furnishings in an area where you can clear your mind and take a little time away from your main tasks. Some call it the “thinking” chair.

Whilst enjoying the greater flexibility you will have working from home do try to create a daily routine and structure. Make sure when your working day is over that you walk away from your office (even if you only have to take 10 steps into your kitchen) and switch off.

You’ve Increased The Value Of Your Home!

Aside from the greater flexibility, less commuting and more family time you have gained having created a home office in your garden remember you have also increased the value of your home. A well designed and positioned Shomera Home Office will undoubtedly increase the value of your home. Adding multi-functional space that enjoys privacy away from the rest of your home not only adds square footage to your home but also enhances its value to any prospective buyer.

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