6 Design Tips For Your Garden Room

The demand for Shomera’s garden rooms is rapidly rising and to no surprise. A garden room is a perfect addition to outdoor living while increasing living space for the family. From increasing visual appeal and square footage to creating a private zone, garden rooms are a smart choice.

However, every architect knows that the key to a successful project is proper planning. To make the most out of your new outdoor feature, here are 6 design tips everyone should know before building garden rooms in Ireland:



Garden rooms are small compared to other types of buildings like houses, offices, and retail units. Because of their smaller size, finding the right proportions presents a unique set of challenges. If you want to stay on the right path, ask yourself questions like:

• How big should the fascia and soffits be?
• What is a proportionate overhang?
• How can I make a smaller footprint building not look too tall?
• What window size works best?

Learning as much as you can before design and building will mean the world to your garden room’s future look. It will positively influence its functionality and it will help you design a place that fits your wants and needs.


Bigger isn’t always better, but it’s always more expensive. So before you design your garden room, ask yourself why you want to build a garden room. What’s your primary goal? For example, if you want to create a garden office, it’s wiser to keep the garden room small and intact so it doesn’t get used for multiple activities in the future. It’s important to stick to the initial plan and decide the size and proportions based on it.

To get a better perspective on the matter and to find the right size for your garden room, measure the rooms in your home and compare sizes. This will help you visualise the space you want to build and determine which size will fully satisfy your needs.


In the past 20 years, we have heard people express this concern repeatedly, only to come back after and say they wish they had gotten a bigger garden room. In most cases, a Shomera garden room will take up less than 20% of your outdoor space. Don’t let the tail wag the dog!

Also, you can choose a garden room with large sliding doors and picture windows which easily pushes the line between indoor and outdoor space. With a design that highlights natural elements and open views, a garden room will quickly blend with the outdoors and provide shade and comfort at the same time. Plus, with the amount of rain in Ireland and the UK, sometimes it’s better to enjoy the view from the inside.


The position of your garden room determines how much you will enjoy the space afterwards. You don’t want to build a garden office pod with a desk placed directly toward the sun since you won’t be able to fully see or concentrate. For this reason, think about how the sun moves across your garden while deciding where to place and how to design your new garden room. Most homeowners that have a north-facing garden position the garden room facing south and vice versa.


While some of our customers are initially concerned with the garden room taking over their outdoor space, they later find that it creates a beautiful backdrop, whether for the back of the garden or the end of their patio.

The decision for where and how to place the garden room should depend on the size and shape of the garden itself. For people with very long gardens, it can make sense to locate the Shomera mid-way down. This way it will conceal some parts of the garden – a look that can add more depth and excitement to any outdoor living space. Many homeowners decide to use this hidden area behind the garden room for secret gardens, a place to grow veg/plants and compost.


Even though small, garden rooms completely transform the look of your outdoor space. That’s why it’s crucial to use this opportunity to vitalize your garden and give it a fresh and exciting aesthetic. Combine soft and hard landscaping to bring the right finishing touches. You can add palm trees and hanging plants to create a more exotic look or stone fireplaces and fences for a more traditional one. It’s best to choose a style that matches the rest of the exterior.

Even before the pandemic, people used their gardens as a place for hosting parties and dinners. A garden room will make socialising easier since it provides more space for entertaining. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

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