Choose a Design and Build Company for your House Extension

Complete In-House Team

When you work with a design and build specialist such as Shomera, there is no need to hire a range of separate companies and contractors for the project. At Shomera we take care of everything, covering all aspects of home design and construction. We have a team of architects, builders, engineers, surveyors, suppliers, and trades teams. When you come to us, you don’t come just for the build but for the entire process. Project communication from that initial meeting right through to the delivery of your beautiful project is through one single communication channel.

House Extensions

When one team is responsible for every aspect of a home remodel or house extension, the whole process is transparent and has better quality control, communication, and cost and time efficiency. Typically, because everyone is under the same roof, design and build companies finish a project faster and there are less over-runs.

Shomera – Design and Execution

The Shomera Design Team isn’t only concerned with the look and finish of your build. Instead, they work with their colleagues and equally participate and input into the building process. This process ensures a smooth and flawless transition from an architect’s sketch to a real life build. It also results in cost and time savings with no room for miscommunication between separate companies and contractors. We all work together for one main goal – to satisfy, meet, and in many cases, exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our Design Team places as much emphasis on “how” their design will come to life as they do on the cost implication of their house extension ideas. The budget plays a vital role in the preliminary design since all team members communicate with each other right from the start. We follow high design and building standards, implementing innovative and world-renowned methods. Most importantly, we take inspiration from each other since each phase of the project complements the rest.

Gaudi, world-renowned architect, understood that the best design ultimately had to be built. Aesthetics and design alone aren’t enough, you need professional builders to achieve your vision and create your dream home. Read more here about some of the Critical Considerations For Your Home Extension Project.

The word architecture means designing and constructing – at Shomera we take that literally and do everything under one roof.

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