Cost Management in House Extensions

When beginning a House Extension in Ireland, cost management is absolutely key. There is no greater disappointment than seeing the perfect drawings or 3D sketches presented to you by your Architect or Builder, only later to find out they are well above your cost limit. It’s even worse when a project has commenced and now you have to find the money to pay for the increased costs, as seen so often on TV.

Many builders will lure clients into wonderful drawings and ideas even though they are aware that the cost to complete the project is going to be way over their budget. At Shomera, we take your budget seriously and never quote above it. We have an honest quoting policy and always respect the boundaries that you have set and we have discussed with you.

Transparency is Key

As with any building work when extending a house, there needs to be tight and transparent plans and all stages of the design, build and installation of your project need to go according to that plan. Without this type of cost management costs can quickly and easily go over the planned budget. When you work with Shomera, where all aspects of your project from design through to build are managed under the one roof, with all of us working in sync, there is little to no chance of going over your stated budget. That’s a commitment we make and stick to with all of our customers at the beginning of any project.

Home Extension

House Extensions Ireland – No need to break the bank

Once we have spoken to you about your budget, we start designing and planning your new build around it. With our rich 20+ years of experience and with over 2,000 projects under our belt, we find solutions within whatever limits we are set. When we survey a job, we know what to expect and always quote accordingly.

For example, when we built a House Extension in Sandymount, we know that the area is called Sandymount for a reason. We are well aware of the soil quality in that area and consider that when compiling the quote. We take every detail into consideration and will never come to you with an offer that breaks our initial agreement.

The only changes you can anticipate are those project amends that you might make yourself during the process. We are open to changing the plan if you find some new beautiful flooring and want to incorporate it into the final design!

We are always flexible to changes but at the same time, we’ll keep a close eye on the budget. This keeps the initial plan intact and makes sure your perfect new home has a perfect price.

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