What Is A Garden Room?

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Though generic in its name it has come to mean something a bit more special than your typical garden shed.  Sometimes described as a “posh shed” it is more living space than a place for the lawnmower and cans of old paint.  


Garden Rooms are break-out spaces that function as home offices, gyms, hobby rooms, teenager retreats, summer rooms, a place to get away or just about anything you can think of.

A Garden Room is a Room for Anything

Rachel is a professional potter and she spends her working hours (too many she says) plying her craft in her Shomera Garden Room.

Ray, as an IT professional, was an early adapter to working from home in 2000 when Broadband was narrow.  Now he is joined by 1000’s in IT and other professions who are using their garden rooms to create a home office and to get the deep thinking part of their work done. 

Jim retired and he and his wife downsized in the same year.  Their beautiful townhouse didn’t have the space to accommodate his small workshop (Jim is an engineer).  With a big drop in the back of his garden overlooking a beautiful park, we dug away to put the Shomera underneath the new steel-framed deck completed on top.  The garden got bigger and the Garden Room workshop nestled away underneath.

Susan and Peter have a busy household with 3 teenage children and lots of friends coming through the house.  Now they are out in the Shomera Garden Room; gaming, playing music and of course, forays back to the main house and the family fridge.

Sean paints in vibrant acrylic and his Garden Room is a blaze of beautiful colour.

Declan played inter-county GAA for years, and now helps other athletes get back fit through his pyshio practice located in the Garden Room.

Garden Studios – How are they made?

Garden Rooms can be clad in timber, steel or other materials as long as the wall structure keeps the weather out and the heat is so it can be used 365 days a year.  Most are fitted with good quality windows and doors, lighting and socket outlets.  With plumbing as an option, there is no sense of being banished from the house.  Garden Rooms are typically one room but depending on size, they can be divided to create more than one room. 

At Shomera we use larch as our preferred timber cladding for our Garden Rooms. Larch looks great, lasts for generations and doesn’t have to be painted often. The vast majority of Garden Rooms we install are exempt from planning permission as they are less than 25 square meters (268 square feet). 

Shomera Garden Rooms – Only the finest materials

All Shomera Garden Rooms are kitted out for electricity and many of our customers choose also to include plumbing and drainage. All electrical and plumbing work is completed by fully registered tradesmen. Manufacturers’ guarantees for windows, roofing, flooring, etc. are given.

Roofs are made of fibreglass material. Windows and doors are double-glazed uPVC providing a high degree of performance and warmth. With over 10 layers of insulation in the walls, 8 in the roof and 5 on the floor in a Shomera Garden Room you will be warm and comfortable 365 days a year.

Typically installation on site of a Shomera Garden Room will take 2 weeks unless the garden room is large with a shower room, etc. In that case, the installation will take an additional week.

Garden Room Dublin

10 Year Guarantee

Every Shomera Garden Room comes with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Whether you need extra space for an office, a study, playroom or storage, a Shomera Garden Room can provide a great solution to gaining additional space for your home. And, as well as adding great curb appeal, once you have added this additional private, multifunctional space a garden room will increase the value of your home.

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