House Extensions – Beautiful Inside and Out

Much of the appeal of a car is how it looks.  When we own one we love, we might be found turning our heads to look back as we walk away.  In designing house extensions and making them look good inside and outside, the outside is always more challenging.  

You might have noticed, for home improvement programmes, most of the filming is of the inside of the house.  We have seen house extension and renovation projects where the internals of the house are stunning but the outside is at least forgettable.  Concrete cappings with mortar joints already staining, bulky roof details, and lots of uPVC fascia and soffits, within touching distance are a few examples of less than desirable finishes.

House Extensions

The challenge to have a building look good on the outside is much greater as you are dealing with materials, finishes and details that must withstand the inclement weather every day.  We work hard to ensure that when you are in our garden, dining alfresco, or just cooking burgers, that you find yourself turning your head to look at your home.

Here are some of the key areas we look at when finishing an exterior

The windows and doors you choose can completely change the way your extension looks from the outside. The colour of your windows and doors can make a significant difference to how your extension looks when you are looking back at it.  We also give considerable thought to the fascia and soffits for your exterior and the mix of materials used.  We concentrate on proportion and detailing to give you a building that has balance and looks good. ​​

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Exterior lighting is important in designing beautiful exteriors. By adding lights to your garden or landscape, you can enhance the feel of your surroundings. Adding lights to the exterior will provide the perfect finishing touch, whether you choose modern or classic options.

Finally, no matter how good looking your home exterior is, if it is covered by trees or by a messy garden, it automatically decreases its appeal. On the contrary, a well-groomed garden can significantly add to the beauty of your extension. While professional landscaping adds value and is a wonderful addition to any home it may simply be enough to remove all overgrown bushes and plants that are obscuring your home. Your garden should draw and lead people into your home, complementing what awaits them inside. 

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