Bespoke Garden Rooms

While home extensions are about increasing and expanding existing space, Bespoke Garden Rooms are about providing additional space that is discrete but part of your home. Ideal for home working, as a teenager retreat, exercise, a work studio or any other use you require, the 10-step commute keeps your Bespoke Garden Rooms separate but part of the family home.

Step 1. Make contact with us and we ask you some questions about your plans.

Step 2. We have some studios for viewing at our facility in Dunshaughlin. We recommend coming to have a look. Seeing is believing.


Step 3. We come to meet you to assess your home and its potential. This meeting is free.

Step 4. Based on your requirements and how much you want to spend, we will recommend a bespoke or fixed design garden room. A Bespoke Garden Rooms design requires us going to the drawing board to design your studio.

Step 5. We will sketch a design, do costings and with a bit of back and forth, initial designs and costings are agreed.

Step 6. We give a more comprehensive specification and you should be in a position to decide if you want to proceed.


Step 7. If you give us an instruction to proceed we take a deposit and issue detailed contract drawings.

Step 8. Once contract is signed, we get to work. We do most of our project management, material ordering and factory-built architecture before we come to site.

Step 9. Site work commences with concrete pads and steel beams being installed. Our average time on site is 3 weeks but we confirm this with you ahead of time, with the studio floors, walls and roof being installed in the first week.

Step 10. Practical completion and snagging. From there you enjoy your Bespoke Garden Room for years to come.

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