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Most House Extensions start from our homes not meeting our requirements. The most common problem is the size, layout and configuration of the living space; the place where we spend most of our waking hours at home. From this frustration, comes the dream of what it might be. Having completed over 400 House Extensions in Ireland, the following steps are typical of the journey to the home of your dreams.


Step 1. Make contact with us and we ask you some questions about your plans.

Step 2. We come to meet you to assess your home and it’s potential. This meeting is free.

Step 3. We will either sketch a layout with costings or suggest a Design Service.

Step 4. With a bit of back and forth, initial designs and costings are agreed.

Step 5. We give a more comprehensive specification and you should be in a position to decide if you want to proceed.

Step 6. If you give us an instruction to proceed we take a deposit and issue detailed contract drawings.

Step 7. Once contract is signed, we get to work. We do most of our project management, material ordering and factory-built architecture before we come to site.

Step 8. House Extension site work commences with demolition work, foundations, drainage and alterations.

Step 9. Our average time on site is 8 weeks but we confirm this with you ahead of time.

Step 10. Practical completion, professional clean and snagging. From there you enjoy your new home for years to come. Issue of certification of compliance takes place once an inspection of the finished project is completed.

House Extensions – Tips

For most people their homes are their most important investment, make sure that any work done enhances your quality of life and the value of your property.

  • Designers & Architects’ refer to the balance of form and function in design. Be sure the work you are having done is beautifully designed and works well for you over the years. Unattractive buildings that work well lack form, beautiful buildings that don’t work well lack function. Getting both right is more of a challenge than you’d think.
  • Unlike an awful movie or bad restaurant, you have to live with a badly completed extension/renovation project everyday for years. Investing the time to make the right choices before you begin pays back many times over. Remember, very few people get a chance to do it a second time.
  • Renovation and House Extensions projects on your home can be very stressful. Expect this, but know also that if you have a good professional team doing the work then it will work out well. Choose carefully, sit back and let them do their work. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • The House Extensions construction industry has a reputation for over-runs on budget and schedule. When you are getting prices and work schedules endeavour to get a comprehensive pricing and ask about the company’s policy on cost variations and schedule variations. Finding out about the company by referrals of existing customers is a very helpful exercise.
  • When it comes to insulation it is worth noting the advice given by someone at sometime (i.e. source unknown). Start by insulating your attic, next insulate your walls, follow that by insulating your floor and then insulate your attic again. As most heat ends up as convection heat, more heat is lost through the roof. For retro-fitting, it is much more cost effective to do the attic than walls, etc (maybe a little more itchy and sweaty).
  • If you are doing a re-wire, significant renovation work or an extension you might use 5-Amp sockets as an alternative to a centre light. These sockets are in addition to normal wall sockets and are used for side lighting (lamps, etc). They can be controlled from a centre light switch or at each lamp individually. Saves turning on the main light, then going around the room turning on each lamp and returning to turn off the main light (tired just thinking about it).

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We are very happy with the build finish and also how well insulated the extension has proven to be and we look forward to enjoying it into the future.

Donal and Mechteld Whelan

A significant attraction for us was the full design and build service provided with all certification for structural work, planning, building regulations and guarantees included.  Once the design part was completed, the build commenced and we were very impressed by the professionalism, efficiency and quality of the work.

Cecil Shine & Orla Galvin

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