House Extensions

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House Extensions

For more than 14 years Shomera have manufactured and installed over 1,400 structures of various styles and sizes. Building on our reputation for providing quality living space separate from the house, we have applied our expertise to single room house extensions and larger home extension projects that include renovation of the existing house.


When you need more living space and the option to upgrade your existing house, a Shomera-Built House Extension is your number one solution. A home extension can transform your living space more dramatically than you’d expect. By choosing a company with a good reputation and strong presence, you can avoid the pitfalls and horror stories so common in building projects.

Throughout our expansion we have retained an uncompromising commitment to providing a quality product with a reliable service. With our system of factory-built architecture, we can fabricate, deliver and install your completed house extension within a short time-frame. In addition, our manufacturing system provides the benefit of tight tolerances and our on-site expertise ensures attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Home Extended By Shomera


Shomera Extend Your House

Your home is probably your single most important investment. The critical thing when undertaking building works on your property is to make sure the job is done right, because you only get one chance.

Shomera have the technical capability and financial security to see your project through from start to finish. Our staff are made up of experienced tradesmen and qualified professionals so you can be confident that any work we undertake will be carried out to the highest standards. And, our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation ensures a transparent, externally audited standard of quality.

In addition to the practical considerations of extending, there are also important regulatory requirements for residential construction. The government has put these in place to ensure good building practice, sustainable development and energy efficiencies. These include issues such as Building Regulations, Certificate of Compliance and planning permission. Shomera will take care of all these aspects of the project for you and will arrange for the issuing of certification on completion of the home extension work.


It’s great to have the benefit of modern design in a traditional house. Shomera gave us the opportunity to create, not just an extension, but our own home just the way we wanted.

Rachel Grainger & Arun ThomasCo Dublin

Homeowner Tip

Domestic hot water accounts for a big percentage of your heating bill, so make sure your immersion tank is very well insulated. If in doubt, put more insulation around it. While most new tanks come with insulation already sprayed on, you could lag them even more with quilt (i.e. flexible) insulation coz they’re round.

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