Transforming Your Home – Part 1. Design, Compliance & Certification

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Creating beautiful Open-Plan living spaces changing the way you live.

Nine out of ten people who come to us want an open-plan living area where their family can cook, eat and live. They want the space to be bright, spacious, warm and cosy. So, at Shomera we specialise in transforming people’s homes by creating great open-plan living spaces that change the way you live. When families get an open-plan living area (kitchen, dining, living) that really works, they will spend as much as 70% of their waking hours in this space. That’s why it is so important to get it right.

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Design, Compliance & Certification

Design is the starting point. To guarantee a great result you need professionals who have specific experience in designing living spaces for homes. Having completed more house extensions than any company in Ireland, our team has the experience you need. Led by Frank O’Sullivan (Master’s Degree in Design Engineering) and Nicola DaPonte (registered architect, MRIAI) our team will design a beautiful extension, make the necessary structural alterations, integrate and renovate the existing space with the new extension to create a dynamic, light-filled area for you to enjoy. Once design is agreed in detail, our design team provide the professional services to deliver all the vital parts of compliance and certification to protect your most important asset. Engineering requirements from ground conditions, drainage to the big structural steels that will hold up your house are included in our service. Construction drawings, project management and site inspections during the building programme ensure compliance with time, costs and Building Regulations. On completion of the building works, following snags, we will issue all the certificates and warranties you require to ensure your investment is protected, so your family can look forward to years of enjoyment of your “new” home.

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