Transforming Your Home – Part 3. Demolition, Structural Alterations & Connections

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The house extension is the most difficult piece to execute. Coming a close second, is the need to make large structural alterations. The scary part of this is keeping your house up while the work is taking place and then ensuring the correct steel is used to keep it up after we’ve finished. We have completed over 1,000 insertions of large steel, so our team has great experience. However, before one of our site team swings a sledge hammer the structural scheme has been designed and all the steel prepared. For a while your home may look like a demolition site, but not to worry, we will put it all back together again. Before the structural alteration work takes place, any demolition works must be completed and the existing plumbing and electrics must be safely decommissioned by registered tradesmen. This is done in a way to ensure you still have plumbing and electricity if you are staying in your home during the project. We will also make sure the site is secured and allowances are included for any making good work needed as a result of the substantial alterations.

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