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Dublin School Project Shomera

Donnybrook Building School Plan


Over a twenty-year period, temporary accommodation of three classrooms had been provided by portable cabins. The second set of cabins, installed seven years previously and always extremely difficult to heat, had recently begun to leak. The school wanted to replace and improve the classrooms with a larger facility to include WC’s, a store room, more spacious classrooms and interconnectivity by means of a folding partition system.



Shomera School Construction 1

Construction Stages

Drawings for “design and build” were produced inhouse by Shomera. The 200 square metre building was to be installed during the summer break period, July & August, 2009. Removal of the existing cabins, tree-felling and site clearance took place during the last week of June.

The previous classrooms had no WC or water facilities, so site preparation and ground-works included new services for water, waste and sewer.

Shomera Construction Interior

While the ground-works and foundation were ongoing, the kit for the super-structure was being manufactured in the Shomera factory. The kit arrived and was installed to roof batten and membrane level in two days. By the end of one week, the building was completely weathered, with roof, fascia and soffits having been installed.

Internal finishes, including recessed lighting, safety lighting and fire detection, were completed during the middle period of the project.

Completely Build School Shomera


The three classrooms have facilities for overhead projection and audio relay, are highly insulated with levels of air-tightness to Building Regulation standards. The second fix carpentry, painting and floor finishes were completed for handover by the end of August, 2009.


Interior School Classroom Construction


Shomera Project Completed School Construction